Unique Value of the Center

The financial planning profession needs to attract and develop a new generation of financial planners representative of the diverse and growing public it serves, and build an academic home and body of knowledge for practitioners, researchers and those who will educate its future leaders.

These challenges are larger than any one organization, financial services firm or individual. The Center for Financial Planning seeks to respond to these challenges by:

  • Unifying firms, educators, researchers, practitioners, and other industry stakeholders to focus collective efforts and resources;
  • Conducting independent third-party research to inform research-based solutions;
  • Leveraging CFP Board’s network of 220-plus academic institutions educating the financial planners of tomorrow; and
  • Serving as a clearinghouse for relevant research and benchmarking data.

Unique value

Through support and collaboration from all corners of the financial planning profession, the Center for Financial Planning will serve as the profession’s premier resource for educators, researchers, practitioners, financial services firms and the public, and bolster efforts to attract and develop a diverse next generation of financial planners that meets Americans’ rising needs for competent, ethical personal financial advice.