The CFP Board Center for Financial Planning seeks to create a more diverse and sustainable financial planning profession so that every American has access to competent and ethical financial planning advice. Members of the the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) are encouraged to take advantage of the Center’s many programs and resources.


Career Center

Access the online career portal for job and internship opportunities, online career fairs, as well as targeted access to highly qualified candidates who hold or are pursuing CFP® certification.


Center’s scholarships support qualified students seeking the education needed to complete CFP® certification. The Center currently manages three scholarship funds – The Deena Jo HeideDiesslin Foundation Challenge Match Scholarship, the Milton Stern Scholars Fund, and the Richard B. (Dick) Wagner Memorial Scholarship Fund, a joint effort with FPA.

Financial Planning Teaching Seminar

If you are interested in teaching financial planning, sign up for one of the teaching seminars developed by the Center and the Columbia University School of Professional Studies.


Financial Planning Review

The Center’s double-blind, peerreviewed academic journal features peer-reviewed academic research within financial planning, designed to benefit CFP® professionals, firms and educators.

Academic Research Colloquium

The Center’s annual research conference showcases latest cutting-edge research from financial planning and related disciplines, as well as practitioner-focused sessions to translate the research into practical application.

Book Series

Improve your financial planning knowledge through the Center’s book series: Communication Essentials for Financial Planners (2017) and Client Psychology (2018).

Participate in Future Research

Sign up for the Center’s research list for the opportunity to participate in innovative research projects that may help your practice and the entire profession. Participants will receive a copy of the final research paper for any study in which they elect to participate.


Share Your Story Through “I am a CFP® Pro” Campaign

Encourage young people in your network to consider the financial planning career by sharing your journey through the “I am a CFP® Pro” campaign and custom resources, including scripted presentation and handouts, and get social by sharing your story on Instagram and Twitter using hashtag #CFPPro.

CFP Board Mentor Program

Become a volunteer mentor and share your insights and guidance with an aspiring CFP® professional, using Center’s resources.

WIN Advocate Program

Promote gender diversity in financial planning through outreach to women, girls, and centers-ofinfluence in your community, using Center’s toolkit of resources.

Donate to the Center

Donate to the Center and support important research, initiatives and scholarships to advance the financial planning profession.