WHITE PAPER – Making More Room for Women in the Financial Planning Profession

The WIN white paper, authored by CFP Board Consumer Advocate Eleanor Blayney, CFP® on behalf of the WIN Advisory Panel, presents the findings of a comprehensive research study on the causes of the “feminine famine” in financial planning. The paper also presents recommendations for attracting more women to the financial planning profession and making the profession itself more attractive to women, as well as initiatives CFP Board will undertake to address the problem.

Summary of Research Findings

  • Women lack awareness of financial planning and the CFP® certification process.
  • Women harbor misperceptions about the financial planning profession and CFP® certification.
  • Women’s reluctance to take professional risks may be keeping them from entering the financial planning profession. For those women in the profession, this same risk aversion may be inhibiting their success and/or professional satisfaction.
  • The financial planning profession is not a welcoming or supportive environment for women.


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