In its efforts to address the significant challenges confronting the financial planning profession, the Center for Financial Planning relies upon, conducts and collects research to inform a solutions-based approach.

Center research to date includes:

CFP Board’s Women’s Initiative (“WIN”)

This white paper from the Women’s Initiative presents the findings of a comprehensive study on the causes of the “feminine famine” in financial planning. The paper also presents recommendations for attracting more women to the financial planning profession and making the profession itself more attractive to women, as well as initiatives CFP Board will undertake to address the problem.  Learn more >


2015 Job Task Analysis

Every five years, CFP Board conducts its Job Task Analysis, with the results forming the basis for CFP Board’s evaluation of the current CFP® certification requirements and any recommendation for changes to the requirements. The research reveals insights into the work conducted by CFP® professionals and the knowledge requirements needed to fulfill and serve the interests of clients.  Learn more >