About Milton Stern

The Milton Stern story is a special one. Milt grew up in Brooklyn as a child of immigrants. He attended Stuyvesant High School and then earned a BS in chemical engineering at City College of New York. He started working in chemicals research, and earned a Masters in chemical engineering and an MBA. The MBA led him into the financial world and analyzing global markets, then into a senior financial management job at Mobil Oil, followed by a CFO position with a publicly-traded oil company, and several Wall Street investment roles.

Milton Stern

Everything changed when an acquaintance asked if Milt would manage his money. He said Milt was smart and trustworthy. When more people began to ask for his guidance, Milt saw the opportunity to build his own wealth advisory firm, and Bridgewater Advisors Inc. was born. A pioneer in the field of independent financial planning and wealth management, Milt earned his CFP® certification in 1991, and a CFA in 1997. He met Leo Marzen in 1993 and the two began a long and fruitful partnership, providing counsel and investment management to individuals, families and not-for-profits in a way that offered each a unique and personal experience, and attracting a close-knit group of talented colleagues who care deeply about the work they do and the difference they make in their clients’ lives.

Milt was a strong proponent of the competencies and ethical standards embodied in the Certified Financial Planner™ certification. He was a champion of education, of diversity, and of always following your dreams.

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