Financial Planning Review

Financial Planning Review, housed in the CFP Board Center for Financial Planning and published by Wiley, is a double-blind, peer-reviewed academic journal that features research within financial planning, as well as disciplines that directly or indirectly relate to the financial planning body of knowledge or financial planning practice. In addition to Financial Planning, these topics include, but are not limited to: 

  • Portfolio Choice
  • Behavioral Finance
  • Household Finance
  • Psychology and human decision-making
  • Financial therapy literacy and wellness
  • Consumer financial decision-making
  • Consumer protection, policy, and regulation
  • Human sciences

Accepted papers span the broad spectrum of research methodologies and data analyses.

Financial Planning Review is available electronically from the Wiley Online Library and the CFP Board Center for Financial Planning. Each edition of the Review is also distributed to over 84,000 CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals throughout the United States.


Acceptance rate: under 10%

Downloads: 260% more average downloads per article than other finance journals


Volume 2, issue 2 is now available via the Wiley Online Library and contains the following papers:

Acceptance of robo-advisors: Effects of financial experience, affective reactions, and self-enhancement motives
Christoph Hohenberger, Technical University of Munich, Munich, Germany
Chaiwoo Lee, MIT
Joseph Coughlin, MIT

The Personality disorders and money beliefs behaviors
Adrian Furnham, Norwegian Business School, Oslo, Norway

Success and satisfaction of women in financial planning
Jim Pasztor, CFP®, College for Financial Planning
Aman Sunder, College for Financial Planning
Rebecca Henderson, College for Financial Planning

Present bias and financial behavior
Jing Jian Xiao, University of Rhode Island
Nilton Porto, University of Rhode Island


Volume 2, issue 1 (March-June 2019)

Volume 1, Issue 3-4 (September-December 2018)

Volume 1, Issue 1-2 (March-June 2018)  


Original manuscripts can be submitted using the Financial Planning Review submission system. Submitted papers must be in accordance with the requirements of Financial Planning Review.

Please feel free to email if you have any questions.

Special Issue Announcement: FinTech

Technological innovation and change has begun to transform the financial services industry in substantial and frequently unanticipated ways, and the pace of this transformation will only continue to accelerate. The financial planning arena within financial services is no exception, with innovations such as robo-advising, insurtech, and crypto currencies adding additional complexities as well as potential insights. This special issue will present the latest research in FinTech, financial technology, and innovation that encompass the eight major content areas of Financial Planning Review and directly or indirectly relate to financial planning practice.

We currently invite the submission of research papers in areas related to FinTech. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Robo-advising, insurtech, and other digital financial advisory/wealth management services
  • Technology related innovations in value storage, transfer and payments (for example, crypto currencies, application of blockchain and other related mechanisms, digital wallets, peer-to-peer payments)
  • Technology-driven lending and investment such as crowdfunding and market-place lending
  • The facilitation of financial inclusion through the use of technology (i.e., access to financial services by the households and enterprises historically outside of developed financial systems)

Paper submission deadline: December 31, 2019



Editorial Board

  • Dr. Kristy Archuleta, University of Georgia
  • Dr. Vickie Bajtelsmit, Colorado State University
    Dr. David Blanchett, Morningstar
    Dr. Keith Campbell, University of Georgia
  • Dr. Inga Chira, CFP®, California State University- Northridge
  • Dr. Vickie Hampton, CFP®, Texas Tech University
  • Dr. J. Michael Collins, University of Wisconsin
  • Dr. Jonathan Fox, Iowa State University
  • Dr. Sherman Hanna, Ohio State University
  • Dr. Stuart Heckman, CFP®, Kansas State University
    Dr. Rawley Heimer, Boston College
  • Dr. Russell James, CFP®, Texas Tech University
  • Dr. Fran Lawrence, University of Missouri
  • Dr. Angela Lyons, University of Illinois
  • Dr. Jason McCarley, Oregon State University
  • Dr. John Nofsinger, University of Alaska-Anchorage
  • Dr. Lance Palmer, CFP®, University of Georgia
  • Dr. Vanessa Perry, George Washington University
  • Dr. Wade Pfau, The American College
  • Dr. Abigail Sussman, University of Chicago
  • Dr. Tom Warschauer, CFP®, San Diego State University
  • Dr. Tansel Yilmazer, CFP®, Ohio State University

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