Women’s Initiative (WIN)

While CFP Board has seen impressive growth in the number of CFP® professionals in recent years, the percentage of women CFP® professionals has remained flat at 23 percent for at least a decade. The Center’s Women’s Initiative (WIN), launched in 2013 under the vision and leadership of Nancy Kistner, CFP®, is addressing this challenge through research-based initiatives.  

Research and White Paper 


Underpinning WIN is a comprehensive research study commissioned in 2013 to explore the causes of under-representation of women in the financial planner workforce and potential solutions. This research paved the way for Making More Room for Women in the Financial Planning Profession, a groundbreaking white paper that presents the research, as well as recommendations for attracting more women into the profession and making the profession itself more attractive to women.

WIN Council 

Following the recommendations outlined in the WIN white paper, CFP Board created the WIN Council, comprised of experts in the areas of women’s issues, diversity and recruitment, as well as leaders from financial planning and advisory firms and CFP Board-Registered Programs, to advise and assist in the development of initiatives to increase the number of women entering the financial planning profession, including the number of women CFP® professionals.

WIN Advocates

The WIN Advocate program was also developed from the recommendations in the WIN white paper. WIN Advocates are CFP® professionals designated by CFP Board who work in their communities to get the word out that financial planning can be a rewarding career for women. Today, there are 555 WIN Advocates nationwide who are delivering this message to their communities, including local schools, women’s and girl’s groups, and professional associations. Interested CFP® professionals are invited to volunteer to become WIN Advocates.

On November 1, 2018, the Center for Financial Planning hosted a webinar for current WIN Advocates and those interested in joining the program. The webinar featured WIN advocates sharing their experiences, as well as an overview of the latest Center resources available to Advocates, including videos, presentations and handouts. View the webinar recording below.