The American public – and with it, those seeking financial advice – is increasingly diverse.

The Center for Financial Planning seeks to address the lack of gender and racial diversity in the financial planning profession by attracting and developing financial planners who are more representative of the diverse population they serve.

These efforts will build on CFP Board’s Women’s Initiative (WIN), which has sought to address the shortage of women in the financial planning profession since 2013, drawing on quantitative and qualitative research to inform recommendations and initiatives.

Programs in the area of diversity will include:

  • Continuing the Women’s Initiative, including the development and launch of new programs to address the “feminine famine” in financial planning;
  • Establishing an advisory group of experts, practitioners, human resources professionals and others to inform the Center’s understanding of the challenges and opportunities for increasing racial and ethnic diversity in the financial planning profession;
  • Partnering with financial services firms to promote greater gender and racial diversity;
  • Conducting robust quantitative and qualitative research on the state of racial and ethnic diversity in financial planning.