May 5-7, 2019, Columbia University’s Morningside Campus – New York City 
August 18-20, 2019, Columbia University’s Morningside Campus – New York City 

CFP Board-Columbia University Teaching Program
“The speakers were very interesting, and I felt I learned a lot from them sharing their years of experience with us. It definitely jump-started a teaching career for someone with little experience in academia. The class was also an excellent networking opportunity. Highly recommended.”

–Lillian Padula-Coscia, CFP®

The CFP Board Center for Financial Planning and the Columbia University School of Professional Studies are pleased to announce two offerings of the Financial Planning Teaching Seminar in 2019. The sessions will be held on May 6, 2019 and August 19, 2019 at Columbia University’s Morningside Campus in New York City. 

The experience–based program will focus on both financial planning content as well as basic instructional design, using learning objectives, student assessment, and avenues of bringing experiential learning into the classroom or online learning platform.

Participants may include:

  • Faculty within finance and accounting
  • CFP® professionals hoping to begin a full or part–time career teaching in a CFP Board Registered Program
  • Current faculty within all CFP Board Registered Programs
  • Doctoral students aspiring to begin a career preparing the next generation of CFP® professionals

This Teaching Seminars present current and prospective faculty with a wonderful opportunity to sharpen their teaching abilities, and provide access to a library of teaching resources that will enhance instruction back at their colleges or universities. Completion of the Teaching Seminar is not a requirement for faculty at CFP Board Registered Programs.


Please share this information with your faculty and colleagues and encourage them to attend.

CFP Board-Columbia University Teaching Seminar“As a new Program Director who will be teaching and mentoring other instructors, I found the Seminar to be very valuable. It gave me a chance to interact with experienced professors and practitioners. It also provided me with valuable resources that I could take back and use long after the seminar was over.”

–Jonathan Kramer, Ph.D., CFP®
Professor of Finance, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania




For additional information on the upcoming teaching seminars, please view the video below.