Academic Home & Body of Knowledge

While there is greater demand for personal financial advice and need for financial planners, there is a shortage of qualified faculty to prepare these professionals, as well as limited avenues for conducting and publishing empirical research and contributing to the profession’s body of knowledge.

The Center for Financial Planning supports the creation of an academic home for faculty in financial planning and related disciplines, as well as the development of new research and best practices, to afford unique opportunities for qualified faculty training the next generation of financial planning talent.

This academic home will include:

  • Outreach to a variety of colleges and universities to elevate the caliber of talent in the financial planning profession;
  • Publication of an academic journal of empirical financial planning research;
  • Creation of a platform for engaging firms and practitioners to promote the exchange of research ideas and best practices; and
  • Launch of a clearinghouse for research proposals and grant opportunities.


These efforts will build on CFP Board’s longstanding efforts to contribute to the financial planning profession’s body of knowledge.

  • In 2013, CFP Board published the Financial Planning Competency Handbook with John Wiley & Sons, Inc., to provide financial planning students, professors and practitioners with a theoretical framework for financial planning, including real-world guidance for practicing professionals.
  • Every five years, CFP Board conducts its Job Task Analysis, with the results forming the basis for CFP Board’s evaluation of the current CFP® certification requirements and any recommendation for changes to the requirements. The research reveals insights into the work conducted by CFP® professionals and the knowledge requirements needed to fulfill and serve the interests of clients.