Knowledge for practice

While there is greater demand for personal financial advice and need for financial planners, there are not enough financial planning faculty, academic programs, or schools that recognize financial planning as a mainstream major to ensure a sufficient pipeline of workforce-ready talent. At the same time, firms and financial planners need the latest information and contemporary skills to continue growing and advancing the profession.

Through the Knowledge for Practice initiative, the Center strives to elevate the discipline of financial planning to increase the stature and recognition of financial planning faculty and educational programs and provide practitioners with cutting-edge knowledge to thrive and provide outstanding service to clients.

Center’s work in the area of Knowledge for Practice includes:

  • Publishing Financial Planning Review, the profession’s first double-blind, peer-reviewed academic journal that features high-quality scholarly research on topics that relate to the financial planning practice, including financial planning, portfolio choice, behavioral finance, household finance, psychology and human decision-making, consumer finance and regulation, human sciences, and financial therapy, literacy and wellness.
  • Hosting the annual Academic Research Colloquium for Financial Planning and Related Disciplines, a gathering of the global academic community to showcase cutting edge research from financial planning and related disciplines, as well as its implications on practice, for the benefit of practitioners, employers, educators and the profession as a whole. 
  • Offering the Financial Planning Teaching Seminar , a five-day intensive program in partnership with Columbia University to train individuals who are interested in becoming full-time or part-time faculty in a CFP Board Registered Program.  
  • Offering the Client Psychology Program in partnership with the Wharton School to help financial planners build a more effective and client-centered practice.
  • Publishing the CFP Board Center for Financial Planning Book Series to add to the profession’s body of knowledge by exploring both new and traditional subjects within and beyond financial planning. Published by Wiley, the series currently consists of Communication Essentials for Financial Planners: Strategies and Techniques (2017) and Client Psychology (2018).