Eleanor Blayney

Dear Donors to the Eleanor Blayney Gender Diversity Challenge Fund, 

Thank you for accepting my challenge and making an investment in helping more women become CFP® professionals. Your matching gifts combined with my personal contribution raised more than $200,000 for the Gender Diversity initiatives of the CFP Board Center Financial Planning. I am grateful to you for your generosity and supporting this important work.

I hope you will join me in taking pride in and sharing the following incredible accomplishments. Thanks to you, the Center has: 

  • Achieved a record number of new women CFP® professionals from 2016-2018 totaling 3,567—a 36% increase from the number of initial certificants from 2013-2015 totaling 2,629.
  • Facilitated over 2,200 engagements between mentors and mentees.
  • Provided 24 Center scholarship awards in two years—of those, two scholars are now CFP® professionals and eight more will sit for the CFP® exam in 2019.
  • Guided the first cohort of firms through the Financial Planner Re-entry Initiative (FPRI), resulting in 10 out of 11 internships converting to full-time positions.
  • Published a white paper, FPRI: Career Path for Professional Women into Financial Planning
  • Enlisted over 550 volunteers in 44 states to serve as WIN Advocates to spread the message that financial planning is a great career for women and girls.
  • Coordinated WIN Advocate partnerships with three national organizations focused on the financial empowerment of girls: Forté Foundation (to advance and support women in business school programs), Invest in Girls, and Rock the Street, Wall Street. 

Women have so much to offer to the practice of financial planning. For me, becoming a CFP® professional and helping people has been more than just a job—it has been a passion and one of the best life decisions I have ever made.

Again, thank you for joining me and advancing gender diversity in our profession to benefit the public. I hope you will continue to count the Center among your philanthropic priorities. 


Eleanor Blayney, CFP®